Mary E. Eato (b. 1844 – d. 1915)

Mary E. Eato (b. 1844 – d. 1915)

Considered one of the “four greatest teachers” by Marticha Lyons, Mary E. Eato was born in New York City, earned a Master of Pedagogy degree from the City University of New York, and taught for forty-four years before retiring in 1904. She began her career as an educator in 1860 at the age of 16 when she began teaching for colored schools including Grammar School No. 3 and Grammar School No. 80 in New York City. Among her students was suffragist Frances Reynold Keyser. Outside of her role as an educator, Eato was an advocate for civic work. She was the treasurer at the St. Marks Methodist Episcopal Church and was a member of the St. mark’s Mutual Aid Society, the New York African Society for Mutual Relief, and the African American Counsel. She also helped to found the Hope Day Nursery for Colored Children in 1902. Eato was also actively involved in suffrage work. In 1908, Eato became the vice president of the Colored Women’s Equal Suffrage League of Brooklyn, founded by Garnet.

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