Lugenia Burns Hope (b. 1871 –d. 1947)

Lugenia Burns Hope (b. 1871 –d. 1947)

Born in St. Louis Missouri in 1871—Hope lived to be an activist and community organizer. Growing up in Chicago, she was active in her community early, working with Kings Daughters and Hull House charity organizations. After she married John Hope in 1897, the couple moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and then Atlanta—where she continued her service to her community. In 1908, while in Atlanta, Hope co-founded the Neighborhood Union – which was formed as a reaction to the poor condition of Atlanta black neighborhoods. The Union launched health education campaigns, advocated for better school programs, and more. She also worked with the YWCA during World War I as the Special War Work Secretary for the YWCA’s War Work Council, focusing on black and Jewish soldiers returning home. Hope was also involved in women’s clubs—for example, she worked with the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching. She was also the first vice president of the Atlanta branch of the NAACP.

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