Irene L. Moorman Blackstone (b. 1872 –d. 1944)

Irene L. Moorman Blackstone (b. 1872 –d. 1944)

Blackstone is remembered for her role in integrating the fight for suffrage and bringing racial cooperation into the New York suffrage campaign. Blackstone was born in 1872 in Virginia, she eventually moved to New York City and worked as a sub-agent in brokerage, for the Metropolitan Mercantile and Realty Company and later as a newsdealer. Outside of her work as a businesswoman, she was a great champion for women’s rights. Blackstone served on the board of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, was a founder and president of the Metropolitan Business Women’s Club of Brooklyn and was an active member of the women’s auxiliary of the Negro Business League of New York. She was also treasurer for the Empire State Federation of Women’s Clubs, was a member of the Colored Women’s Equal Suffrage League of Brooklyn and Political Equality League where she was a regular speaker on women’s suffrage.

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