Hallie Quinn Brown (b. 1850 – d. 1949)

Hallie Quinn Brown (b. 1850 – d. 1949)

Born in 1850 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Hallie Quinn Brown lived to be a teacher, writer, and women’s rights activist. An 1873 graduate of Wilberforce College, she began her career in education teaching at freedman’s schools in Mississippi, then in the public school system in Columbia, South Carolina. From 1875-1893 she transitioned to working in a collegiate setting, first as a faculty member at Allen University, then as Dean of the University. Following her time at Allen University, she was the Dean of Women at Tuskegee Institute. Outside of her career as a dedicated educator, Brown was a champion for women’s suffrage. In the 1890s she had several speaking engagements in the United Kingdom on the topic of women’s suffrage and civil rights, speaking at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union Conference, at the International Congress of Women, and even before Queen Victoria. Back in the United States, in 1893, she helped to organize the Colored Women’s League in Washington, D.C, and served as the president of the Ohio State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, the National Association of Colored Women and even had the opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 1924.

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